Friday, March 20, 2015

Upcoming Spring Events

Purple Dead Nettle (Lamium purpureum):
Interestingly enough, not actually a Nettle but rather a member of the Mint Family, although it is mildly sweet and possesses no minty flavor. Look for this wild edible along garden edges or even in the garden, grassy embankments, trailside, around the bases of trees in partial shade, or dappling your lawn. Eat raw or sautéed, using as you would any other member of the mint family such as an addition to a dish rather than a main course.  

Welcome back to sun and wet and long days of light, Purple Dead Nettle, Hoary Bittercress, Cleavers, Garlic Mustard, Forsythia, Wild Onion, Redbud, and Dandelion! This is to name just a few of the first to send up their shoots and peek their flower faces out from the muddy ground and tiny tufts of quick-growing grass. These are the wild plants that make my day a lil brighter, almost as if they alone can harken back the light of spring.

As you have seen from my posts, I have been in hibernation along with the buds and seeds, dreaming up and crafting a slew of events to share with you for the coming spring. And now that the snow has stopped falling, the ice has melted, and the birds have returned, it's time to start hiking and studying, and gathering. So of course the posts will start popping up again, so stay tuned here...but more importantly, I hope you can join me at one of my many upcoming plant walks, workshops, or presentations!

Spring Events
March 25th  -  Diamond Brand Outdoor Book Event 6-7 pm (Asheville, NC)
Book signing and open chat with outdoors authors
April 11-12  -  Mother Earth News Fair (Asheville, NC)
4/11 @ 2:30 - 3:30 Eating Wild: Identifying the Wild Edible in Your Own Backyard (presentation)
Book Signing and open chat in the fair bookstore all weekend
April 18-19  -  Hot Springs Trail Fest (Hot Springs, NC)
4/ 18 Visit me at my booth for a signed copy of the guide and to talk trail and plants
4/19 Plant Walk on the Appalachian Trail (time to be determined - free to public)
May 1-3  -  Spring Herb Fest at WNC Farmer's Market (Asheville, NC)
Visit me at my booth for a signed copy of the guide and to talk trail and plants
May 9th - Eat Local: Cooking with Backyard Wild Edibles
@ Trout Lily Market (Fairview, NC) 1 - 3 pm
Hands-On workshop creating a meal incorporating wild edibles foraged locally, beverages including wine, tea, and coffee provided by Trout Lily ($15 - $20 per person)
May 10th  -  Eat Local: Identifying the Edible and Medicinal Plants in Your Own Backyard @ The Villagers (West Asheville) 5 - 7 pm
Presentation followed by a plant walk around town, wild edible snacks and tea will be available to sample ($15-25 per person) 
May 15-17  -   Trail Days (Damascus, VA)
5/15 @ 2:30  The Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Appalachian Trail (slideshow - no cost)
3:45 - 5:15 Guided plant walk along the Appalachian Trail (no cost)
Visit me in the author's tent all weekend to talk trail and purchase a signed copy of the guide
More Details to come soon!