Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some fun stuff

Well, Asheville, it's been grand! But time to hit the trail. I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon or Saturday afternoon. My achilles is feeling much better, but I want to make sure I'm in tip-top shape before the upcoming Mt.Mitchell, Grandfather Mtn District, and Linville Gorge. Below I've included some fun pics, but first off I want to say my thank-yous and give props.

Thank you so much Rachel and Jodi for having me as a permanent fixture on the couch for the last so many days, feeding me ice cream, handing me beers, and aiding me in my all around blissful lounge time here in Asheville. Also, thank you to Amanda and Claire for giving me my own room for the night along with the most amazing 3(!) bowls of groundnut stew. And to all my friends there in Asheville who kept my mind off my aching tendon and kept me laughing.

Props to Diamond Brand for rockin' my world with a new pair of shoes, custom-fit insoles, and old lady compression socks. I was stressed and full of a hundred questions and you guys took your time and knew what you were talking about. Excellent service. I've also gotten my backpack from here along with many other random items and always been happy. Thank you, Jennifer Pharr Davis for suggesting I go back to them for my shoes. It was a thrill to run into you- what inspiration!

Now for the pics!

A snake I helped cross the road - I told him, "the Blue Ridge Parkway is no place for sunbathing"

This stern man stood guard at the entrance to the Soco Gap gas-up. There was even a sign on the window beside him that said "Protected by 357 Magnum." I didn't catch  his name but clearly not a fellow to mess around with

Wild Boar Track
Sampling the local foods: Catbrier (Smilax rotundifolia), Chedder, and ketchup wrap ( ketchup courtesy of a nearby Sonic)

Common Blue Violet (Viola soriora) flowers and leaves make a tasty and nutritious addition to a Lipton's Pasta Side

Evergreen woods en route to Silvermine Bald- can you spot the MST white blazes on the trees?
Thank goodness my steps aren't this tiny
the views looked like this for a good couple of days

But then the sun returned

The lovely ladies who came out and brought me good laughs, good food, a warm sleeping bag, and shouldered my pack
Rachel, Jodi, Michelle, Dogs:Harvey and Smokey

These fine folks, section hiking the MST, serenaded me with the song, "Happy Trails", just a few miles into Asheville- what a welcoming!
(Singing Sister, Timber Doodle, and Mr.Blister)

Lookin' forward to my feet looking like this again real soon...

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