Friday, August 26, 2011

Victory on Mount Victoria and Adieu to Colorado my father and I have come to learn something here in Colorado...when the prospective trail is described as "Moderately Difficult", it really truly means that there is a significant level of difficulty. When the trail is listed as "Strenuous" it will indeed be strenuous, and when the trail is described as "Easy"...well we haven't encountered any of these easy trails yet.

However, even with this lesson, we began to wonder who had come up with the description of "Moderately Difficult" for the trail to Mount Royal as we hoofed it up a steep avalanche path and slid one step back for each step up over scree (loose rock) and sandy dirt, and as the trail continued up, up, up, for what surely seemed more than 1 mile. But up we went, in awe of the surrounding Lodgepole Pine and Engleman Spruce and the views of Frisco below, and the challenge of the trek.

Almost to the top we ran into a couple coming down. We got to chit chatting as they, too, stumbled and slid over the loose rock. I mentioned the enormity of Mount Royal, upon which the woman responded with a smile, "Oh you passed Mount Royal a looooong time ago!"


Turns out there was a sharp righthand turn we missed about a mile or so back. "You're on Mount Victoria!" The man exclaimed. We had set out to hike 2miles with a 1000ft ascent in elevation - rather easy really- but instead had hiked close to 3.5m  with a 2500ft ascent. So be it... we felt waaaayyyy tougher after hearing this....Easteners represent!!

And maybe a little tired...

After summitting and hiking all...the...way back down, I celebrated with a jump in this fabulously refreshing lake- the man-made reservoir of Dillion. The water was COLD but boy did it feel good. Didn't see any locals around, maybe they knew better!

And now...after almost one week here in Silverthorne, CO, we have just one more day left. On Sunday we will be heading to Utah to explore both Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. I believe the Colorado mountains have found a place in my heart. I know I will have to return some day to do some more hiking here...Colorado Trail perhaps? Not to mention, I dig the locals' must be these great mountains having an influence again, encouraging a greater, far-seeing perspective...

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