Monday, September 29, 2014

Asheville Bound!

View from the MST just outside of Asheville
Asheville, here I come!!! As of Wednesday 10/1, I'll be waking up in these mountains. I remember quite clearly snapping this photo as I began my descent into Asheville on the MST this past summer...I had the thought, how can I possibly leave these mountains...I may leave but no way it's for good. Even then, I envisioned what it would feel like to return again. This very image above was conjured even in my dreams the other night, as I drove into town with some random girl I'd never met before and a regular from the coffeeshop (Filo) where I used to work. We had hopped planes, driven through snow, hitch-hiked, and finally found ourselves driving on Route 19/23 in some unknown vehicle. It appeared as if we were driving into the very mountains that surrounded us as the road is so steep and winding here, but just as we were about to enter into their shroud of fog, the clouds lifted, revealing bright blue sky, craggy rock and a mass of evergreen...and then I realized that by carpooling with these folks I'd forgotten to bring my car. Oops. And this is just how my thoughts have been as of late, a mixture of sweet anticipation and anxiety. I thrive on change, but that doesn't I find it easy to leave where I've been.

The yellowing autumn leaves of the American Chestnut - photo taken just outside of Wind Gap, PA
  I've absolutely adored living in the northeast, roaming the woods of my childhood and discovering so many more trails and cliffs and rocky hideaways than I ever knew existed here. However, with the success of the book and all the amazing connections I made down south, Asheville seems like the place to be right now. And quite honestly, Asheville is my other home. My plan for now is to stay in Asheville for the fall, winter and start of spring and then return to the Northeast to hike the Finger Lakes Trail in New York State. This is a short trail, relatively speaking, being just 588 miles, and after that well.....I'll just have to wait and see!

The Sawkill stream crossing Schocopee Road
And so for now...goodbye rocky trails, modest mountains, and already deeply changing leaves. I'll be looking forward to seeing you in the spring...I'll probably be dreaming of you before I know it!

And hello to steep trail runs, rhododendron tunnels, and quite frankly epic mountain vistas! To my Asheville peeps...I am looking to CONNECT, in the plant world, yoga scene, book nooks, and of course in the part-time work department (cooking/baking/barista). I want to make the most of my time in Asheville, whether its for the short or long term! See you soon!

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