Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hot Springs Trail Fest

The Appalachian Trail along the French Broad River and a portion of the plant walk I'll be leading on Sunday.
What's better than springtime in the mountains? Why, it's springtime along the Appalachian Trail in the mountains ... complete with a hot springs spa, delicious food, foot stomping music, and a thru-hiker parade!

Come join me this weekend, April 18th and 19th, beginning at 10 am, for the Hot Springs Trailfest!

This festival has been created to celebrate the Appalachian Trail that runs literally though the center of town. The town will most certainly be filled with thru-hikers making their journey to Maine and having a rip-roaring good time as they stop and rest for a spell. Besides the hiker talent show, parade, and camp-stove cook-off, you can expect yoga, hula hooping, live music, local food, an evening bonfire, oh and a duck race...I'm not sure if this literally involving waterfowl competing for a finish line but I do hope so!

On Sunday at 10 am, I'll be leading a plant walk along the Appalachian Trail, identifying our edible and medicinal plants located along the trail, and providing plenty of information on how to identify, harvest, and utilize them while out on your own hike or meanderings. The hike will begin at the Silvermine Trailhead parking area, travel 1 mile up to Lover's Leap (there is a 500ft elevation gain here as we climb from the river to the overlook at 1800 feet, however there are lots of switchbacks and we will be stopping frequently to examine the plants), and descend the mountain for about 1/2 a mile on the Lover's Leap Loop Trail, ending up back to the parking area. Duration is expected to be about 2 hours. All ages are welcome!

If a plant walk is more than you can muster and you'd rather spend your day eating, dancing, and soaking in the hot springs, then by all means, do! But come on by anytime Saturday or Sunday (except the hours of the plant walk of course), talk trail, talk plants, and grab a signed copy of my book, A Guide to the Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Mountains to Sea Trail.

Me and Harvey atop Lover's Leap - this handsome fella may be joining us as well!
For a full schedule of weekend events, directions, and more info, please visit:
See y'all there!

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