Saturday, July 9, 2011

Awesome People

I have met some of the most wonderful people in the last couple of days, being invited into homes and treated like one of the family. I tell you, folks, you're gonna make me lose my cred as a hardcore hiker "roughin" it" out here in the wilderness!

A happy hiker with Geoffrey and Roy Whaley
Hiking into Cove City, a small town of less than 500 people, however built around the railroad tracks and complete with grocery, library, convenience store, 1 restuarant, 1 grill, and post office, I made my way to Whaley's Grocery listed in my book as a good place to resupply. Here I was immediately greeted by Geoffrey, Roy Whaley's son, and welcomed into the store. Once inside I met Roy Whaley who told me, "take a load off and have a seat," followed with, "what can I do for you?" We got to talking and I asked if I could put my tent up behind the store for the night...well next thing I knew I was showered, fed, and lounging out on the couch watching TV and eating ice cream in the Whaley home. We also made our way into New Bern for some of the most fabulous tofu and broccoli in garlic sauce at the China Buffet I do believe I've ever had. If you're ever in Cove City and need some supplies - do stop at Whaley's as he has everything you could need from veggies to dairy to packaged goods and household supplies. Thank you so much, Roy and Geoffrey! It was a pleasure to meet you, hear your stories, and enjoy the company of such genuinely kind and good people. Oh and I can't forget Mack who kept me company that night...
Mack the cat
While walking down the road en route to Cove City that same day, I met a woman name Diane. She offered me a ride to the store if I needed one, and though I was good on that front, I asked her if she knew of any inexpensive places to stay in New Bern - the town just after Cove City, lovely and historic, but on the upper end of my budget as far as hotels and B&B's go. She responded with, "Oh! Well you can come home with me, yes, yes." Well now if this wasn't the perfect chance meeting.

Me and Diane
So upon reaching the town of New Bern yesterday, I found myself at Di's home, enjoying red wine, pita chips with homemade hummus and toasted black sesame seeds (I kid you not- I had been desperately craving this very snack just days earlier) with a view of the lake and twittering birds. Di and I hit it off instantly, Di being into all sorts of outdoor activities (though boating is her very dearest love), and after learning I was a yoga teacher, with she being an avid yogi, we had this to talk about as well. She served me whole wheat pasta with pesto sauce and to-die-for touboleh with fresh veggies for dinner and we chatted and sipped and ate into the night. What a thrill it was to meet you, Diane, and I do hope we meet up again soon!

Today, I am onto a church for the night and then onto a ferry and into the Croatan National Forest on trail for the next couple of days!

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