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Overview: Lamm Rd & US-264 - Jockey's Ridge State Park

Overview: Intersection of Lamm Rd & US-264  - Jockey's Ridge State Park (273m)

Day 46: Lamm Rd &US-264 - Eureka Methodist Church (22m)
Terrain: roadwalk
Plants: Goosefoot (E), Blue Vervain (M), Hibiscus, Passionflower (E/M), Mountain Mint (E/M)
Points of Interest: Jameson Inn, Boswell Grocery, reroute leaving Boswell - ask at grocery, Black Creek Grocery, large swaths of farmland

Day 47: Eureka Methodist Church - White Oak Grove Baptist Church (27m)
Terrain: road
Plants: Wild Lettuce (E/M), Mulberry (E), Meadow Beauty, Poke (E/M)
Points of Interest: Doug's Grocery and Grill, roadside woods and swamp, nice grocery/grill in Shine, Food Lion in LaGrange, White Oak Grove Baptist's wonderful kindness

Day 48: White Oak Grove Baptist Church - Pilgrim Home Freewill Baptist (22m)
Terrain: road
Plants: Longleaf Pine (M), Mugwort (E/M), Elderberry (E/M), Orange Milkwort
Points of Interest: Norwood Grocery, farmfields, marsh, Pilgrim Home Freewill Baptist's generosity

Day 49: Pilgrim Home Freewill Baptist - Whaley's Grocery in Cove City (12m)
Terrain: road
Plants: Cat tail (E), Poke (E/M), Eastern Red Cedar, Common Pipewort
Points of Interest: Long flat wide road void of houses/businesses for 5 miles into Cove City, Whaley's Grocery with Roy and Geoffrey, White's Family Restaurant

Day 50: Whaley's Grocery in Cove City - New Bern (15m)
Terrain: road
Plants: Mugwort (E/M), Water Oak, Willow Oak, Butterfly Weed, Elderberry (E/M), Smilax (E)
Points of Interest: Long flat wide road void of houses/businesses for 12m, New Bern City outskirts full of every store/restaurant imaginable including Dunkin' Donuts and movie theatre, heavy traffic and lots of trash entering New Bern

Day 51: New Bern - Reelsboro Christian Church (12m)
Terrain: road
Plants: Passionflower (E/M), Blue Vervain(M), Cat tail (E)
Points of Interest: Historic downtown of New Bern with beautiful old buildings and nice little shops including Port City Java coffeehouse, park on edge Neuse River, Neuse River Bridge, Reelsboro Church only "selectively" open to, hikers and lawn full of red ants-watch food/crumbs in gear

Day 52: Reelsboro Christian Church - Copperhead Landing Shelter (24m)
Terrain: road and sandy woods
Plants: Daylily (E), Cat tail (E), Loblolly Pine (M)
Points of Interest: nice gas station with booths in Reelsboro, farmland, lots of barking dogs, Arapahoe Grocery, nice sandy path to walk leaving Arapahoe, ferry, salty Neuse River with jellyfish and dolphins, sandy hiking in Croatan, beautiful woods/marsh, nice lean-to's for sleeping in but with lots of bugs and unreliable waterpumps

Day 53: Copperhead Landing Shelter - Newport River National Park Campground (18m)
Terrain: Pocosin with deciduous and evergreen trees- dry when I went through
Plants: Nuttall's Lobelia, Sweet Pepperbush, Red Flowering Raspberry (E/M), Blueberry (lowbush and highbush) (E/M), Wild Ginger (E), Yellow Crested Orchis, Shrubby St.John's Wort, Goldenrod (M)
Points of Interest: Plank walkways, marsh, beautiful woods, well maintained/marked trail, 1 murky but freshwater stream not long after Copperhead Shelter, more nice lean-to's for sleeping/rest but with lots of mosquitoes and triangle flies, sandticks, deer, turtles, butterflies, unreliable waterpumps and lots of salt water, $8 pay campground with fresh water but no showers or flush toilets, watch for red ants and food again.

Day 54: Newport River National Park Campground - Woodville Baptist Church (15m)
Terrain: gravel road through forest
Plants: Hibiscus
Terrain: road
Plants: English Plantain(E), longleaf pine (M)
Points of Interest: Zingo's BP gas station and family restaurant with amazing pizza and nice place to sit, very welcoming Woodville Baptist Church

Day 55: Woodville Baptist - Diane Styron's in Stacy (18m)
Terrain: road
Plants: Mock Bishop's Weed, Bitter Sneezeweed, Pennywort (M), Bur Marigold, False Boneset
Points of Interest: roadside crabs, Otway Grill, long walk through expansive marshland, Davis Provisions with baked goods and espresso and nice porch for relaxing

Day 56: Diane Styron's in Stacy - Beach Comber Campground (15m)
Terrain: roadwalk through marsh
Plants: Firewheel (M), Saltmarsh morning glory, Pennywort (M)
Points of Interest: 11m roadwalk through expansive marshland, long bridge, ferry to Outer Banks, Villiage of Ocracoke complete with ice cream shops and cafes

Day 57: Beach Comber Campground - Frisco National Park Campground (21m)
Terrain: roadwalk and beachwalk
Plants: Sea Oats (E), pennywort (M), saltmarsh morning glory, cat tail (E)
Points of Interest: Ocracoke's empty beaches, ferry ride, Hatteras' busy beaches with enormous beach-houses and tourist vibe, Frisco's lovely campground with beach access- nice sites, showers, and flush toilets

Day 58: Frisco National Park Campground - Rodanthe Watersports Campground (30m)
Terrain: sandy trail through woods/dunes
Plants: sea oats (E), seaside gerardia, frog plant, live oak
Terrain: road and beach
Plants: bur marigold, blue vervain(M), pencil plant(M), sea oats(E)
Points of Interest: 2m of deep sand on trail and lots of bugs, beautiful shady woods on trail, Hatteras lighthouse (with $7 charge to go inside) and giftshop with great plant books, deep sand beaches with some incline/decline, town of Avon with lots of stores/ restaurants, Rodanthe with lots of stores/restaurants, beautiful views from campground and cheap sites with showers/toilets/wi-fi

Day 59: Rodanthe Watersports Campground - Oregon Inlet Campground (18m)
Terrain: road and beach
Plants: sea oats(E), pennywort(M)
Points of Interest: 12m continuous beachwalk on near empty beaches, 1 1/2m long Herbert C.Bonner Bridge with narrow shoulder and gorgeous views,  deep sand camping (requiring extra long stakes) with no shade however easy quiet beach access, marina with grocery nearby to campground

Day 60: Oregon Inlet Campground - Jockey's Ridge State Park (14m)
Terrain: trail through marsh
Plants: Seaside mallow(M), wax myrtle(M), Yaupon(M), Italian Pine x Loblolly hybrid unique to Bodie Island State Park
Terrain: beach and road
Plants: sea oats (E), pennywort(M), Fire Wheel (M)
Terrain: Dunes
Plants: wax myrtle (M), redbay(E/M)
Points of Interest: lots of mosquitoes on trail (do not brave w/o repellent), but also beautiful trail with ponds and many birds (including nesting osprey), Bodie Island lighthouse with nice visitor's center and informative staff (ask about the plants!), busy beaches with enormous beach houses, gas stations/motels/fast food on road, wide sidewalks, Jeanette's Pier with small museum/snacks/gift shop, Jockey's Ridge Visitor Ctr, poor marking to summit, deep sandy dunes/trail- no shade and hot sand but enthralling terrain and views, the summit!!

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